Merger & Acquisition Consulting and Negotiations

Merger & Acquisition ConsultingShould you sell? When? How?  And for how much?  For a business owner, these are always difficult and highly personal decisions. CFO Financial Partners and RRBB understands your needs and concerns due to their extensive experience with the day-to-day operations of both small, family-controlled organizations as well as international corporations.

Merger and acquisition involves more than bringing together buyer and seller; there are tax planning considerations, business valuation needs, financial reporting aspects, and family and estate planning issues involved in the sale of a business.

We can manage the entire sales process.  In the planning stage, we can advise you on enhancing the attractiveness of the business. Following that, we can walk you through the formal sales process, which includes preparing a confidential memorandum, identifying prospective purchasers, creating a valuation of the business, structuring the transaction, negotiating the terms and price, and coordinating the closing process.  Throughout the process, we keep your desires and best interests in mind at all times.

Are you looking to grow or expand into new markets? Is it better to build it or buy it? These are questions we can certainly help you with. In our 50+ years in public accounting we have had the opportunity to be on both sides of transactions that vary in type, size, and unique circumstance. CFO Financial Partners and RRBB can help with identifying targets, due diligence, and negotiation and consummation of a transaction for your benefit.