Estate & Trust Planning

Estate & Trust PlanningPeople with high net worths have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference—for their families and for the world at large.  We help our high net worth clients in the following areas:

  • Reducing Estate Taxes. Do you want to start growing wealth for your children and grandchildren without paying estate or gift taxes?  We can help with that.
  • Reducing Income Taxes. Estate planning isn’t just about end-of-life planning. We can also help you keep more of your money today with strategies to reduce your income taxes.
  • Charitable Gifts and Philanthropic Planning. Get more bang from your charitable giving bucks. Learn how you can make substantial charitable gifts without sacrificing your lifestyle and legacy goals.
  • Planning for Art and Collections. Your antique, art, or collection may be worth a lot more than you think. That can be a good thing—if you treat the collection in your estate plan as more than just another asset. Your collection may also present some unexpected planning opportunities that can be incredibly fulfilling and provide tax benefits at the same time.

We take a comprehensive approach to designing your plan. Your goals are intertwined—saving for retirement, passing on wealth to your family, and philanthropic giving.  A successful plan needs to address all of them, so you aren’t accidentally sacrificing one goal to reach another.

We at CFO Financial Partners and RRBB urge you to consult with us on your estate plan. Our highly experienced estate and financial planners can help you reduce your estate tax exposure and manage your assets. Your heirs will appreciate your sound planning and your desire to share your assets with them.

We have the financial background and tax expertise to deal with complex business situations while remaining sensitive to the human aspects of the planning process.

An estate plan constantly evolves as circumstances in life change, therefore, estate plans should be reviewed on a regular basis. We will meet with you as many times as necessary to accomplish your goals.