Annual Audit Preparation

Annual Independent Audit or Audit PreparationPreparing for your annual Audit can sometimes be a daunting task. If you need support for your audit, someone to come in and help develop a plan to manage through, CFO Financial Partners along with our parent RRBB Accountants and Advisors can offer help.

If we are working with you in a support capacity, we can also offer Audit Preparation services that could include any and all of the following:

  • Review relevant books and records
  • Examine key business practices
  • Suggest improvements to procedures and practices
  • Inform senior management of audit requirements
  • Implement accepted recommendations
  • Organize physical books & records and related files
  • Be on-site for FINRA exam
  • Preparation of Financial Statements, Notes and Supplemental Schedules for Audit
  • Liaison with Independent Audit Firm
  • Direct Interaction with all Regulators
  • Filing your Independent Audit Report with Regulators