Venture Capital, the 7 Secrets Your Big CPA Firm Won’t Tell You

  Brian Zucker, CPA August 9, 2016   7 Secrets Your Big CPA Firm Won’t Tell You About Investing in or Starting Up a Company Starting up a company and looking for venture capital? Or do you have venture capital and want to invest in the next “unicorn”? Either way, you … [Read more...]

Starting a Business? Find a Trusted Advisor Today

Brian Zucker, CPA August 1, 2016   Starting a Business? Find a Trusted Advisor Today One of the great things about having our practice in New Jersey has been the opportunity to help so many people to start up and run their own businesses. These plucky men and women are not just … [Read more...]

Brian Zucker was quoted as a FINOP expert in WeiserMazars B/D Alert

Brian Zucker was interviewed and quoted in WeiserMazars Broker Dealer Alert release recently, for his expertise with the outsourcing of the FINOP function for certain securities broker dealers. This is an excerpt from that release: THE FINOP’S CORNER Brian Zucker, CFO Partners LLC Somerset, … [Read more...]

Brian Zucker ‘Joins Hands’ for a cause at Bradley Beach NJ

Brian Zucker was out in support of ‘Join Hands Across the Sand’ at Bradley Beach this past weekend. This ‘Join Hands’ demonstration was a combination of the Jersey Shore Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and the New Jersey Sierra Club, along with hundreds of activists who are looking to end our … [Read more...]

SALT Conference 2016 Brian Zucker from CFO Partners

Brian Zucker was representing CFO Financial Partners at the annual SALT Conference in Las Vegas May 10th-13th. It was another spectacular conference with many featured speakers including Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, Larry Summers and Will Smith (yes that Will Smith), among many other very notable … [Read more...]

Brian Zucker out in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation again this year

Brian Zucker was in attendance last Thursday March 3, 2016, for the 8th New York City Benefit for the Navy SEAL Foundation. It was held at the New York Hilton Midtown and was very well attended. The Navy SEAL Foundation was established in 2000 to serve U.S. Navy SEALs, Special Warfare … [Read more...]

Smarter Hedge Fund Management

Imagine outsourcing your CFO function, back office accounting and/or your finance department within and across your entire Hedge Fund structure. Doing that at a reduced cost, and increase/improve your decision making and expertise in the process. And most important, taking that burden off your list … [Read more...]

Brian Zucker was in attendance at the NIBA Conference in Hollywood Florida

Brian Zucker was in attendance at the National Investment Bankers Association Conference in Hollywood Florida on February 10th and 11th. He was there to offer his insights on outsourcing the CFO function for early stage companies who are typically in need of the expertise of a CFO but not able to … [Read more...]

Brian Zucker is added to Strathmore’s WHO’s WHO directory … [Read more...]

Outsourcing- Possibly your most powerful resource.

Outsourcing – Possibly your most powerful resource. Outsourcing can be an affordable, sensible long and/or short term solution for businesses and organizations. The most often outsourced accounting functions are accounts receivable and accounts payable, and payroll. But, it can go all the way to … [Read more...]