Who We Are

CFO Financial Partners is a practice unit of RRBB Accountants and Advisors, a 50+ year old public accounting firm. The CFO Financial Partners team brings a long history of experience and expertise and a focus on the financial operations needs of hedge funds, broker dealers, public companies, etc., who wish to outsource their back office operations. This team has been delivering this ‘outsourced CFO and FINOPs’ function for over 30 years.

Having this focused practice in FINOPs, Hedge Funds, Broker Dealers and outsourced CFO within such a wide breadth of skills and expertise that is RRBB, enables us to offer a great, one relationship solution for our clients.

RRBB Accountants and Advisors has a long history of delivering a unique, uncompromising approach to service.

As a firm, RRBB has been delivering high-quality tax and management consulting services for more than 50 years.

Founded as Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman & Company, RRBB has since grown to become one of the most respected accounting firms in the state, serving clients across the U.S. and worldwide, with 11 partners and 50 professional staff working out of two offices.

As our clients have discovered, RRBB offers a refreshingly unique combination of old-school integrity and attention to service, powered by cutting-edge practices, up-to-date knowledge, and advanced IT expertise.

RRBB has always made it a point to devote all of the firm’s resources, attention, and talent to serving the needs of our clients.

As a result, virtually all our business and personal clients have come to RRBB on the first-hand recommendation of a colleague, a fellow professional, or another client.

We currently work with a broad range of publicly-held companies and private companies in a wide spectrum of industries, as well as non-profit organizations and individuals who have specialized financial and accounting needs.

We Deliver Knowledge, Ideas and Exceptional Results.